Warm and Wet Diaper

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This file contains affirmations and guidance to allow you to feel more comfortable wearing and wetting your diaper.

You love all of the sensations and feelings that come with wearing a diaper.  You love how the material feels against your sensitive skin.  You love how your diaper becomes heavy and warm when you wet it.  Every bit of wearing a diaper fills you with such joy, my darling.  Follow my voice and you will feel all hesitations swept away, as you embrace wearing a diaper and consciously wetting your diaper.

There is no awakener for this file.  Listen before going to bed, after putting on your diaper. There is no humiliation in this file.  This file is gender neutral.

24 minutes, $14.99


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2 thoughts on “Warm and Wet Diaper

  1. Wow! I don’t know what it is with you but your videos work way better on me than anyone else I have listened to. Combination of your voice and the background music is perfect. I would never normally pay for something like this because there so much free stuff out there, but the introduction video took me so deep into hypnosis I figured it was worth a try and I was not disappointed! Just while listening this first time I faded off for a little bit during the recording and came too towards the end and to my surprise I was a little wet! excited to see what repeated listening will do and looking forward to future training recordings.

  2. Wonderful file! the affirmations near the end are so calming that even my normally strict and defensive mind relaxed being told I was to wear diapers more often and wet them with no habit-formed bladder control. If you ever need a test subject for AB ideas, I’d love to partake!

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