Diaper Training Time

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It’s time for your diaper training, little one.  In this recording, I diaper you in your favorite type of snug diaper, and encourage the gentle release of your bladder.  I suggest wearing your diaper before listening, and keeping your comfort item nearby.

Over time, this recording will help you feel more and more comfortable in your diaper, where you simply belong as a small child.  In addition, it will support the release of your bladder, and enjoying sitting or lying in your wet padding.

There is no humiliation in this file. There is no awakener in this file, but encouragement to stay in a wonderful state of trance for as long as you’d like.  This file is gender neutral with no mention of your exact age.  There are no audio effects and no music, just my comforting voice lulling you!

24 minutes, $14.99

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