About Hypnosis

Why hello there, sweet one.  I know you are here for a very special reason.
I love seeing that sense of curiosity in you – and I know you are wondering what may happen next.  Let me teach you a little bit about hypnosis, so come closer and snuggle up.


Hypnosis can help you on your incredible journey towards fully embracing littlespace.  All too often our regular adult lives get in the way of a remarkable, magical place of youth and creativity.  Through hypnosis, these distractions, worries, and fears can be sent far away from this moment, leaving you with room to spread out in a safe place where you can embrace and discover who you truly are.


Your reservations will be eased, your hesitations will be swept away. Without these heavy boundaries and expectations to weigh you down, there is a world of possibility.  It’s time to blossom into the perfect, sweet little that you are. Let me guide you.


Hypnosis is a very deep, very cozy state of relaxation. You may feel warmth, or the lovely sensation of drifting and floating.  There will be no discomfort or scary moments – and if you are frightened or uncomfortable at any point you will be able to instantly and easily return to a waking state of mind. You cannot become “stuck” in a state of hypnosis.


My gentle instructions and calming words will help ease you into this place of trance.  The recordings available in my store will focus on general topics which will guide you into littlespace.  The most powerful way to progress on your journey is to order a custom recording. A custom recording will take into account all of the special details that are personal to you. When these are incorporated into a session that you listen to regularly, you will notice very wonderful effects that happen in meaningful and lasting ways. If you are truly ready to wander into littlespace, a custom recording will be the best method to bring you there.


Has your curiosity grown even more?  Come dip your toes in the water with a free recording. Listen to it every night before you go to sleep, and note any changes in your mood or your ability to simply freely exist as the darling little that you are.


The nursery, a haven of safety, warmth, and learning awaits.