Paci, Please!

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  Are you ready for some pacifier training?  This recording is structured to increase your craving and use of your paci.  It is intended for listening WITH a pacifier by your side.  It’s time for you to enter little space with my guidance and care.  This recording starts with a relaxation induction and is filled […]

Diaper Training Time

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  It’s time for your diaper training, little one.  In this recording, I diaper you in your favorite type of snug diaper, and encourage the gentle release of your bladder.  I suggest wearing your diaper before listening, and keeping your comfort item nearby. Over time, this recording will help you feel more and more comfortable […]

Warm and Wet Diaper

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This file contains affirmations and guidance to allow you to feel more comfortable wearing and wetting your diaper. You love all of the sensations and feelings that come with wearing a diaper.  You love how the material feels against your sensitive skin.  You love how your diaper becomes heavy and warm when you wet it. […]

Sleepy Time

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It’s getting close to bedtime… Time to curl up and listen!  This recording will allow you to become comfortable with embracing your little self.  A vivid visualization of sleeping in your safe crib will allow you to drift off peacefully.  It’s time for me to lovingly tuck you in and read you a bedtime story […]

Welcome to the Nursery

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This recording is the very first of my ABDL collection. What a wonderful way to begin this exciting journey! In ‘Welcome to the Nursery’, you will gently be guided into a relaxing state of hypnosis, and you will get a personal tour of your very own nursery. This recording does not contain any lasting triggers, […]