Custom Recordings

Interested in a custom recording? Of course you are!
This is the perfect way to enhance your training in incredibly powerful, personal ways.  If you are truly ready to take the next step in your little journey, this is the right place for you. A custom recording is only for your ears, so you can share with me as many details and desires as you wish.  Incorporating personal aspects into recordings can have very meaningful effects on  your experience!

A custom recording is the best way to become fully trained in wearing diapers, encouraging little behaviors and bringing youthful bliss into all parts of your life.  You can expect to receive your file in about 20 business days after your request has been discussed & confirmed.


30 minutes –  $350  / 45 minutes – $480


This will be a looped whisper track in the background of your recording.  Whisper tracks are wonderful to directly target your subconscious mind in a very real way.


Background music:

Soft music in the background of your trance is optional, and free.

Rush order:

So eager, my sweet one! For an extra 30%, I will have your recording completely ready in 8 week days.


After filling out this form, you may email me at